Securus Technologies Introduces a Free Calling Program to Assist LA DOC Inmates During the Current Floods

Companies have a duty to give back or show support to the community or their clients, especially in times of calamity. As such, a leading supplier of the criminal and civil justice technology services and solutions, Securus Technologies, recently announced its support to the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections.   The statement released…

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The Management at Seattle Genetics and the Reasons Behind their Success

Have you ever heard of Antibody-drug Conjugates? This is a technology that was developed by Seattle Genetics that has been a great milestone in the field of cancer research. The technology is an alternative to chemotherapy treatments. Chemotherapy treatments are hostile to the human body and Antibody-Drug Conjugates seeks to mitigate the negative effects of…

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Lovaganza Announcement unveils plans for a Global Festival

Lovaganza is a highly theatrical, worldwide event scheduled to take place during the four months of May thru September of 2020. Subtitled as “A Bohemian Adventure”, this entertainment spectacular will be simultaneously held in eight international locations spanning the globe. The affair is meant to represent all cultures of the earth through a celebration of…

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One of the Greatest Private Event Spaces in NYC: Tarallucci e Vino

Introduction A private event space is a great place to cut deals. Having the right event space can play an important in cutting successful deals. One needs to ensure that the event they choose offers quality services. The cost should never be a consideration if one wants the finest deal. The article talks about some of the greatest private event spaces in NYC. One can never go wrong with these venues. Acme The place changed its name from Acme Bar & Grill. The hotel has an old school interior design to it. The hotel, however, revamped its look with the help of celebrity Chef Mads Refslund. It was done to keep up with the times. The hotel offers one of the best wining and dining experiences in NYC. The private event space in this hotel is located downstairs. It is far away from the crowds. It is the perfect spot for hosting a private party or just a business event. The place is located at 9 Great Jones St. Noho. China Blue This spot just recently opened in Tribeca. The interior décor is quite magnificent. The hotel’s design is that of the jazz age Shanghai as most people imagine it. The place is an amalgamation of old-fashioned touches and modernity. From the wooden bookshelves lined up to light fixtures, the place has a throwback feel to it. However, it does have a touch of a classic, loft downtown eatery. The food served there is mostly Shanghainese cuisine. Within the hotel, there are some partial divisions. These spaces can be great if one wants to hold a private event there that is of a relatively large size. The hotel is at 135 Watts St., Tribeca. Tarallucci e Vino This great place is the ultimate destination for private events. The Taralluci e Vino has two spaces for hosting any private event. Also, the spaces are quite roomy. The renowned Chef Riccardo Bilotta prepares some of the finest cuisines in the city. His creations are a mix of modern techniques and traditional Italian food. Everyone loves his food. The first private space is the Mezzanine. It is the perfect setting for intimate gatherings of about 30 people. However, one can still hold a party of about 80 if they desire. The interior design is that of antique furniture and unique artwork. In addition, there is a modern wine cellar fitted in the room. For bigger private events, one will need to use the 6th Floor Loft. The place is excellent for business meetings of about 50 people. However, one can host a private party for 120 people. Its interior décor is equally stunning. It is a blend of antique furnishings with a hint of modernity to it. Conclusion Finding the right space sets the perfect mood. All of these spaces here are the finest NYC private events. However, Tarallucci e Vino trumps them all. The management works hard to ensure any private event is a memorable one. One would have to visit it to get the experience.

Securus Technologies to Expose Frauds and Overbilling in its Industry

In an effort to shame prominent firms associated with prison communication, the CEO of Securus Technologies, has decide to open records of official investigations regarding wrongdoings of these firms. Accordingly, Securus Technologies will publish official transcripts of verdict against organizations such as GTL, Global Tel Link. Subsequently, more reports will be showcased in the next…

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